What is a Recovery Coach?

Great Question. Recovery coaching has less of a stigma than seeing a psychotherapist for mental health issues, and walking into the rooms of groups like AA. Similar to therapists, recovery coaches like myself invest their training into education. I've completed over 500 hours of training and continuing education in this field. Unlike a therapist, I do not diagnose or work through trauma, or focus on the past. Recovery coaching is future focused.

Recovery coaching helps you identify and create a plan to reach your goals, and remove barriers to your recovery. As a coach, I may recommend other resources like This Naked Mind, AA, SHE RECOVERS, Sober Mom Squad, TLC, or SMART recovery,  if they seem like a good fit, as recovery coaching can be done concurrently with any recovery program or therapy. But the ball is in your court!

Nothing happens until something happens, and that something has to come from you! I am here to be your guide.

I have earned Professional Certifications and Credentials from This Naked Mind Institute, The International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches, The International Coach Federation, and SHE RECOVERS Foundation. I am a Trauma Informed Certified Professional Recovery Coach, Certified Professional Life Coach, and a Certified Facilitator of Addiction Awareness. 

I currently offer ongoing coaching to members of Sober Mom Squad only. If you are not a Sober Mom Squad member, you may book a Virtual Diagnostic Session Below. 


You will receive an intake analysis (intake form will be sent to you upon booking) and a detailed work up with next steps, options, and resources, to create a full plan of action for your recovery journey.


Your future plan may or may not include further coaching from me! That's right, I may suggest other options for you, because I tailor your Diagnostic Recovery Plan UNIQUELY TO YOU! If we do chose to work together going forward, my rate for continuing clients is $350 per session (discounted coaching available through Sober Mom Squad). My goal is to make my education impactful, and give you the tools to be successful on your own! I strive to NOT have long term clients because I want you to have a successful plan to make alcohol irrelevant in your life. This is why I don't offer coaching "packages."


**Please note, I do not work with male identifying folx at this time. Cis/Trans Women or non binary individuals who identify with women's communities only. Thank you.**

Emily Lynn Paulson Coaching