Healing From Emotional Trauma, Relationship Loss, and Betrayal

Are you longing to break free from the pain of emotional trauma, or a lost relationship?


Isn’t it time to stop wondering when the hurt will stop and enjoy the FREEDOM that you deserve?

You don’t have to carry the pain of the past with you. It’s time to put the past in the past and move forward without emotional trauma.

You can finally experience joy when you can release the pain that emotional baggage can bring.

But it requires one thing from you…

To seek healing, you first need to make the conscious decision to choose change.

Once this commitment is made, you can be focused on healing what needs to be healed. You can avoid the hamster wheel that causes pain over and over. And you can finally experience what it feels like to thrive emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

And yet, so often when we’re hurting, we give up because we think it’s too hard to let go of the pain.

Past relationships have hurt us.

Betrayal has made it hard for us to trust again.

We don’t know how we’re supposed to just “let it go.”

“Betrayal can be extremely painful, but it’s up to you how much that pain damages you permanently.“

Emily V. Gordon

Do you believe that you can have a fulfilling life again?

Do you have faith that, even though you might be stuck in routines that contribute to your hurt now, you can bring genuine excitement back to your life? And…do you know HOW to get past the pain?

Ask yourself…

  • Am I currently stuck in a world of hurt?
  • Do I wonder if I’ll ever feel differently?
  • Am I doing all I can to let the pain go?
  • Would my life be better if I knew how to “Heal From Emotional Trauma, Relatioship loss, and Betrayal”?

Happiness is for everyone. Including you! Don’t believe the lies that keep us down.

Lies like these:

  • “You’ll always have some emotional baggage to carry around.”
  • “You can’t ever get over the loss.”
  • “I’ve never been around anyone who is truly happy.”
  • “Happiness doesn’t last.”
  • “I can’t trust anyone why even bother…”

Those ideas are just plain wrong. I know, because I’ve been there! 

We desperately want to find the happiness we deserve, without dwelling on the past.

We know we need to break through the doldrums of routines that have kept us stuck in our pain. We need to figure out why we’ve lost hope for the future and how to get it back.

But we don’t know how.

We’re held back by lies and pain.

What if the solution lies within us? 

What if I told you that it’s possible to break out of our pain, understand how to leave the past in the past, and CONFRONT our feelings of loss?

In my course: Healing from Emotional Trauma, Relationship loss, and Betrayal, I’ll share my step-by-step process to go from pain to freedom, so you can conquer the routines that keep you stuck in your pain and discover how to let go and thrive.

This powerful course contains 13 lessons that lead you on a step-by-step journey of healing from your emotional pain. A journey of figuring out how to move past the pain, rediscover how wonderful you are, and overcome the obstacles to a life free from emotional trauma.

A journey to the exciting life you deserve.

 In this life-changing course, you’ll learn:

  • The SURPRISING ways you can work with the chemistry of your body to stop the harmful effects of loss
  • How to OVERCOME the myth that happiness is only reserved for “other” people
  • How to ELIMINATE negative emotional programming from your trauma
  • How to PREPARE yourself for a bright future
  • Techniques to MOVE from pain to freedom
  • How to ACCEPT what happened without feeling the pain
  • How to DETERMINE what you need to heal
  • How to identify CHALLENGES to your healing journey
  • STRATEGIES to leave the pain behind
  • And so much more!

This powerful journey could absolutely change your life. How would it feel to be free from the pain of emotional trauma?

I’ve curated this content through hours of my own training and research so you don’t have to search for solutions any longer! 

There are 3 modules with 13 total lessons:

The modules are:

Module 1 - Why It’s So Hard to Let Go of the Pain?

Module 2 - Understanding Forgiveness

Module 3 - Strategies to Let the Pain Go

 And here's what we're going to cover:

Lesson #1 - Understanding What Happens Emotionally

When you've been hurt by someone, there is more to the pain than "just" the one event. Emotions are a mish-mash of what has happened in the past, your pain in the present, your fears of the future, and your interpretation of what the event means about you.

 In this lesson, you’ll learn about the emotional responses that intensify your pain, so you can reduce it.

 Lesson #2 - Understanding What Happens Physically

Your body has chemical reactions which make releasing the past difficult. Your emotions trigger parts of your brain and the body's stress response, increasing the difficulty. This lesson shows you that your emotional pain also has a physical cause and difficulty releasing it isn't a weakness of character.

Lesson #3 - Understanding What Happens Mentally

In this lesson, you’ll look at what happens with your thoughts and how you process information. Understanding this process is key to understanding how you can change your thoughts to help you let go of your pain.

 Lesson #4 - Module 1 Summary and Reflection

You now know that there are things you can do to counteract the mental, emotional, and physical effects of your pain. It’s time to reflect on what you’ve learned, as well as think through how you’re going to implement these things in your life.

Lesson #5 - What Forgiveness Is Not

Many people are resistant to forgiveness because they don't understand what forgiveness is. There are many myths surrounding forgiveness, and this lesson shows you why they aren’t true. You’ll also see that the key to healing is releasing the anger and resentment surrounding the event.

Lesson #6 - What Forgiveness Is

Very simply, forgiveness is FREEDOM. Freedom from having what happened always on your mind. Freedom the anger and fear. Freedom from having to grit your teeth when you see them. In this lesson, you’ll learn the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of forgiving and the power it brings you.

Lesson #7 - Module 2 Summary and Reflection

In this lesson, you’ll reflect on all that you’ve learned about forgiveness and the power that it brings you. Now it’s time to think about how you’re going to put your new understanding into practice.

Lesson #8 - Recognize How Powerful You Are

You have everything within you that you need to learn how to release the pain and forgive. You are more powerful than you ever thought you were. All you need to do is access that power and bring it forward. This lesson teaches you how.

Lesson #9 - Align Your Beliefs to Release Pain

In this lesson you'll learn to align your beliefs to your goal of releasing all that pain. You'll do this by giving direct messages to your subconscious mind. This lays the foundation for the other exercises which follow.

Lesson #10 - Think Your Way to Freedom

In this lesson you'll learn strategies to control your thoughts as well as a powerful "trick" to command you into thinking what you want.

Lesson #11 - Tame the Pain

Most people are surprised when they learn they can change emotions. Sometimes it seems emotions "just appear." They are actually triggered. You have the power and ability to tame those painful emotions. This lesson shows you how.

Lesson #12 - Changing Behavior

Your actions can assist in your goal to release the past or they can hold the past firmly in place. It's crucial to be aware of what behaviors trigger the emotional pain. Once you know your triggers, stay away from them. In this lesson, you’ll learn to identify your triggers and put new behaviors in place to stop you from living that pain over and over.

Lesson #13 - Module 3 Summary and Reflection

In this module, you’ve learned tools and strategies which assist in changing the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors which keep you in pain. As you use the strategies in this module, you’ll find the pain lessening. Your mind will clear, and you can focus on what’s important to you. You’ll be able to move into your new future.

That’s not all! After you finish the course, you will receive an email sequence with 22 more helpful mini-lessons! These lessons include affirmations and reflection questions to further your understanding and healing! 

Normally, live in-person workshops cost $1000-$5000 for a 3 day workshop. 

This digital course content is valued at over $800

But today, you will get access to this entire course for $249

Get This Course

And you’ll get the entire “Healing From Emotional Trauma, Relationship loss, and Betrayal” system:



  • 13 lessons to lead you on the journey to overcoming your emotional trauma ($599 value)
  • 22+ additional resources, reflections, and affirmations to help you apply and implement what you’ve learned ($199 value)
  • 3 module quizzes to empower you to remember and anchor in the key points ($99 value)
  • A thorough understanding of what you need to do to let go of your pain and find the freedom you deserve (PRICELESS)

Finally, you’re going to...

  • Let NOTHING stop you from letting go of your emotional trauma
  • PURSUE the life you’ve been longing for
  • Overcome ALL the negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that have held you back
  • FINALLY learn to work through the emotional challenges of your loss
  • Learn what YOU want from your life
  • STOP putting it off and begin RELEASING the pain today

Isn’t it time to embrace the life you deserve?

To enjoy the freedom you know you deserve?

The choice is yours.

Regular: $897

Today: $249



Emily is a Certified Professional Trauma Informed Life Coach and Recovery Coach. She is certified through International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches, This Naked Mind Institute, and SHE RECOVERS. She teaches the tactics and information that helped her gain freedom from her own personal pain, as documented in her memoir Highlight Real: Finding Honesty & Recovery Beyond the Filtered Life. The founder of Sober Mom Squad and an outspoken recovery advocate, she has been featured in New York Times, The Today Show, Seattle Times, Chicago Tribune, and many other media outlets. She lives in Seattle her husband and their five children. 


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